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Interior Laminated Cabinets

The most important aspects of commercial cabinetry are functionality,durability and storage space combined with the perfect color and design. We use laminates from all leading manufactures like Wilson Art, Formica, Nevemar etc. Manns Carpentry has built commercial cabinets for contractors, schools, retail stores, Government agencies and Universities. We fabricate our cabinets according to architectural blueprints provided by the customer or custom design them to meet your needs.

Superior Craftsmanship

No matter the size of your project, we finish the job on-time using the best products possible. All designs are custom-made to fit with no wasted space. Once you hire us, we match your cabinets to your counter tops, using custom cabinet lighting, glass, metal, or cast iron inserts, as well as decorative door knobs and pulls.

If you want to change your countertops, we handle that as well. We install solid, Corian™ granite or laminate countertops. Everything is backed by a one-year warranty on craftsmanship in addition to manufacturer warranties.

Get Started Today

Contact us to set up a free, on-site consultation where we discuss your project options, including scheduling, budget, product availability, and design. After this, we take all measurements and give you a written proposal within five business days. Once the proposal is accepted, we come up with a computer drafted design that we change until you're satisfied. We then begin manufacturing and production. Pricing is project-based as all cabinetry is custom to the customer's specific needs.

Contact us in Dickinson, Texas, to let our team create your custom cabinets.